Waste Collection

Our company has a fleet of vehicles to collect refuse from designated premises. Our drivers could make daily/weekly/fortnightly trips to your company. We can plan our drivers’ routes to fulfil your requirements!

Provision of Recycling Bins

According to your requirements, we are able to provide various bins such as 16ft x 8 ft x 5 ft bins, 5ft x 5ft bins and/or 660L bins.

On Site Sorting

Too much waste in your company that you can’t handle? Fret not, we are here to help! We provide services such as on-site sorting of wastes in our customers’ factory. According to your needs, we can deploy staffs to your site to sort all your waste.

Weighing Services at our Factory

In addition, we provide weighing services at our factory. If you are in the vicinity of our warehouse, you could drop by to weigh your goods at a nominal fee.

Our Products

Looking at buying/selling industrial waste such as plastics, cartons, plastic/wooden pallets, metal scraps to metal/plastic drums? Our company strives to provide competitive prices to all customers and our recycled pallets are selling at one of the lowest prices in the market! Feel free to contact us for a quotation!



16ft x 8ft x 5ft


5ft x 5 ft


660 L

Wooden Pallet

Plastic Pallet

Metal Drum

Compressed Plastic Bag